A collection that invites you to travel through India…

Danielle et Chloé Le Bonnois are not grew weary of travelling across the sub-continent, strolling in the markets and visiting all shops and suppliers, they bring back various fabrics, ribbons, gottas and objects, to be discovered and twisted.

For the home furnishing line, Danielle has been totally dedicated to it since 2014 with the new born line “The Bohemian Project”.

She proposes timeless pieces that will translate as easily to Parisians, New-Yorkers, or Delhi-ites interiors and reflect your own tastes and personality rather than try and copy magazine pages.
She only uses natural and high quality materials, from ethereal and soft voiles, hand spun and hand woven Khadi cotton, linen or silk, sometimes emphasizing on the ultimate elegance of the fabrics or, on the contrary, highlight the beauty of the hand work and techniques. From simplicity to utter sophistication, the panels of techniques proposed go from tie&dye, print, handpainting or stencil, hand embroidery, apmliqué and cut work, weaving such as ikat, and much more, depending on the inspiration and desire of the season.
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