Within the “L'Appartement by Nana Ki”, you will find the Coffee Shop set in the kitchen area. After browsing and selecting your finds through the boutique, enjoy a welcomed break here over a languid cup of coffee or a glass of wine from their hand-selected collection. Here you will meet the owner, Alex, whose love for good food and wine can be traced far back.

Alex comes from a rich family tradition where food plays a central theme, and where gathering at long bountiful tables is considered almost sacred. Since then he has travelled extensively across the world enjoying unforgettable meals at some of the most coveted tables.

Across every one of his boutique hotel properties, be it in Delhi or Goa, Alex has always personally and meticulously selected only the best local products and integrated them into French recipes to create dishes that have delighted his restaurant guests. Past regulars are still known to fondly reminisce about his Crepes Suzettes and variety of tartines relished before the azure waters of The Indian Ocean.

Now, in Lisbon, Alex wanted to create a small 'canteen' where he can offer healthy, balanced and gourmet cuisine for the urbane city clientele.

La cave d'Alex et épicerie fine
La cave d'Alex tiroir Oeno curiosité

At any time of the day, you may enjoy signature breakfasts, creative salads, tartines of a melange of unexpected flavours, platters of artisanal cold meats and cheeses, cocktails of fresh fruit juice, and not to mention decadent homemade desserts.

End your day with friends to sample a glass of good French wine from Alex's personal selection. His preference lies in Burgundy wines, and he will undoubtedly and eagerly share his passion over carafes from this regions.

As with all our business choices at Nana-ki, we only work with carefully selected ethical suppliers, single out for their quality of products, and love of the trade.

So, come meet us at the Coffee Shop and enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere from lunch to happy hour, where generosity and fun are always served warm.

Bouchon Bourgogne
Habillage bois métal
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