Before we begin, know that it is extremely simple to realize his iced tea. Simply infuse the tea leaves at room temperature or in cold water!

Our tips for a perfect iced tea!

Spoiled For Choice

All teas are frozen! Simply infuse the cold (yes you read correctly, cold) and add if the mood takes you, some slices organic citrus or fresh mint leaves. The teas are the best ice version I think especially the Lemon-Ginger, Mango-Cranberry-Mandarin or Verbena. A natural tea can obviously do the trick. Not to mention the hibiscus plant our pet that is super refreshing, colorful and caffeine-free (you can drink throughout the day without restraint!)


The more your water will be cold and the infusion time will be long. This also depends on the chosen tea and your taste! We recommend that you wait at least 1 hour to 2 hours if the water is temperate. You can pretty much leave to infuse for longer or overnight. It is still prudent to enjoy regularly.

The right mix

We advise you to put 2 to 3 tablespoons busy for a liter of cold water or at room temperature.

Serve yourself !

Once the tea you want, filter it and place it in a carafe cool. You can also opt for a big bottle glass, ideal if you many things or you want to drink throughout the day.

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