Laurence Bras

Laurence Bras is a family affair, like many others in the fashion industry

Born in Rouen, Laurence Doligé was raised in the fashion world and launched her first creations from the back room of her mother's workshop at just twenty years old.
She has been the designer of the famous French brand “Madame à Paris” and “Laurence Doligé”, and she is now back with a new label “Laurence bras”, from her maiden name, and in collaboration with her sister, Anne Bras.
Today, these two partners in crime bring together their talents, knowledge and strengths. One knows what women want from fashion, the other knows how to design clothes that will wow them.

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The spirit is feminine and bohemian chic, with a lot of prints, made in natural fabrics: cotton, silk, laces…as we love. Made partially in India where Laurence has been living, some items are made also in Italy and Portugal.
It gives the perfect wardrobe, twisted with elegance and simplicity, which sticks to the skin and accompanies us day after day.

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