L’APPARTEMENT by Nana Ki is the continuation of the Nana Ki adventure, begun 22 years ago by Danielle and Chloé Le Bonnois, mother and daughter, and it is with this same spirit that Chloé and Alex, her husband, embark today in this new project. It also starts in India, because that’s where it all started: from Delhi to Goa and from Goa to Lisbon…

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Wishing to spend more time again in Europe, Chloé and Alex discover Portugal in 2015, they go to visit this country from part to part, and immediately have a crush, for Lisbon and the beaches of Caparica.For a few years, they come back regularly to discover the culture and the people, its textile activity for Chloé, and its culinary richness for Alex.

A meeting, an opportunity… they decide to open together in the heart of Lisbon a new place that resembles them, mixing and bringing together at the same time, the best of the three countries dear to their hearts: India, Portugal and France.

So, « L’APPARTEMENT by Nana Ki » is born in the september 2020

It is a lifestyle concept store, designed like a house, at the same time friendly and sharp, a place where everyone will feel good, a little at home, while being elsewhere…

The multibrand boutique is housed in different rooms, where they have gathered the essential of their desires: the textile for Chloé, since it is her field of choice, and the cuisine and good wines for Alex, gastronome and great lover of «burgundy». The store brings together a commitment to fashion, the environment and the social, offering labels from across France, Portugal and India obviously.

You can come and discover the favorite fashion brands of Chloé, starting with Nana Ki of course, and enriched by a very personal selection of other designers of fashion, accessories, decoration ; you will find clothes for women and men, you will find the essential accessory to your wardrobe, where you can decide to completely redo your interior – from textiles to furniture, to decorative objects, dishes, stationery, carpets…

Cathering to all shoppers, the store is a great way of finding out about new as well as established brands, so wheter you have a product in mind or want to while away an afternoon discovering new brands.

And you can just as well stop for a lunch break, taste Alex’s homemade, healthy and gourmet cuisine, or just take a break-coffee or tea; and why not come finish your day with a happy hour with friends and taste one of the good wines of Alex’s cellar.

L’APPARTEMENT by Nana Ki is a warm, inspired place, mixing ideas and know-how, where everyone is welcome in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere!

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