Gagan Paul by Grégory Paul

Grégory Paul studied design and haute couture in Paris and was an intern for Alexander McQueen for the men’s and women’s collections. He began his career working as an assistant designer for brands such as Manish Arora, Superfine and DIM. In addition, he has worked for Céline internationally every season since 2010.

logo Paul Gagan
logo Paul Gagan

GAGAN PAUL focuses on unisex silhouettes, mainly shorts, jumpsuits, and bespoke pieces. Using less crunchy materials, intended for unconditional travelers, such as artists, singers, painters or night birds. Its unisex silhouettes are modern and contemporary, by precise cuts and a wise use of materials.

GAGAN PAUL offers a contemporary vision of the masculine and feminine wardrobe with character and minimalist pieces while not hesitating to shake the codes.

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