Karma Koncept is a vegan brand of jewellery founded by Aline Rose, a French designer based in Jaipur, India. She trusts that is a way of life, a way of being specially oriented to harmony with all living beings..

All her products have meaning – they made to awaken in our souls not only a sense of beauty and elegance and to draw attention to ourselves, but it is designed to draw attention to the world around us and how it is really important to love and respect it. Remind us of the need to practice and promote mindfulness, loving-kindness, altruism, and tolerance; all key elements for a positive Karma!

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Karma Concept

In a great variety, her silver and gold jewellery line, she is widely using sacred symbols and signs such as: The flower of life, Om, Lotus, Mandala, Tree of life, Solar, chakra signs… In a combination with a great energy and natural beauty of semi-precious stones. All products are genuinely designed by Aline and hand made in Jaipur with a strong consideration for the authenticity and effort involved by each of her teammates. She focuses on every minute detail of the business so as to achieve excellence and wants the entire team of Karma Koncept to feel proud about it.

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