Xavier De Vil, creator and designer of the brand Pomax is born in the decoration field. Descends from a large family in which there was a lot of attention for art and history. This provided him with a flawless feeling for beautiful designs and creations. It all started as an innovative business in mouth-blown glassware from Poland. Starting from this exclusive and delicate handwork, plans were soon created for the development of a large, total concept.

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Organically, the Pomax DNA gained its familiar ingredients: Beauty, Charm, Quality and Nature. Pomax stands for high quality products that radiate a warm, cozy atmosphere. This is achieved by using natural materials. Ecologically responsible entrepreneurship is decisive throughout the entire policy. The four core values are perfectly united in a highly recognizable logo: the feather of Pomax. A feather stands for softness, for flexible floating on trends, for nest warmth and maximum dynamics. These are all characteristics that customers recognize in every aspect of the Pomax identity.

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