Le "Paris" de Danielle

All Danielle’s addresses , unless otherwise, are on left bank of Paris, in SAINT GERMAIN DES PRES area, or just few steps away…not more. She is an unconditional « farmer » of this famous « Saint Germain des Prés".

"It rains on Saint Germain des Près only for those who don’t live there".  Boris Vian.


Her book stores :


CHANTELIVRE :because i used to take my children there... a long time ago! now it’s also a general bookshop, I remain faithful to it because I find my favorite bookseller (13 rue de Sèvres, Paris 6th)

Librairie ULYSSE, it exists since 1971,: to dream on a next trip (26 rue Saint Louis en l'Ile, Paris 6ème)

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris, Chantelivre
Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris, Café de FloreCarnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris, L'Ecume des pages

And after a drink at CAFE DE FLORE hand around at  L'ECUME DES PAGES, because it is open late at night during the week. (174 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris 6th) 

A very nice culinary bookstore: APPETIT (12 rue jean Ferrandi, Paris 6ème), a very good selection that makes you salivate at the prospect of eating, with some pretty ceramics and interesting prints of contemporary photographers at very affordable prices.
LA CHAMBRE CLAIRE, essential for those who like photography (14 rue Saint Sulpice, Paris 6th)

Then go to the JARDIN du Luxembourg, the Central Park des amoureux de Paris.

To have a drink with a friend: LE CAFE DE LA MAIRIE, Place Saint Sulpice.

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris Jardin du Luxembourg »

Her favorites restaurante:

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris La Rotonde »

Her 2 top ones, the ones that I’m never tired of, and where I feel like at home: From breakfast to lunch, dinner and also late after shows, the best Parisain brasserie is for me LA ROTONDE (105 Bld du Montparnasse, Paris 6ème)

For a fish and seafood craving : the best one, who reinvents it every day: LE DUC (234 Bld Raspail, Paris 14ème)

Pre-booking is compulsory.

And not forget :

LE CHERCHE MIDI : the homemade pasta is irresistible, the atmosphere is too, and it’s just downstairs my home.

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris Le Cherche Midi

Florists :

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris L'arbre

A home without flowers is sad….

L'ARBRE (48 rue du Cherche Midi, Paris 6ème): he owner is super cool and he animates the street with an astonished country display ; he proposes also some vases and pots, not expensive at all.
And, PAS DE DEUX ( 12 rue jean Ferrandi, Paris 6ème) for a huge amazing bouquet made with love by a young japanase woman, to offer or to be gifted…


Fashion :


A gem well know by many Parisians fashionista and much further afield : BIBAYou walk in just to say hello and walk out with two pants, a nice shirt and two sweaters! You fall for a cut bag and a belt and… we are not broke!
Yaël’s selection, the owner, is a no-fault one, she can dress women from "7 to 77 years old and certainly still longer, she is an adviser expert and won’t tell you that one thing suits you when it doesn’t, she will pick up the perfect «matching», and suggest the essential accessory. She’s adorable and her daughter who joined her is just the same.
It became so rare in fashion stores that i want to specify it loudly.

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris Biba

Decoration :

Carnet d'adresses de Danielle à Paris Les puces de Saint-Ouen

Obvisouly the textiles from « The BO.HE.MI.AN Project »
And also ...............

Les Puces de SAINT OUEN :we find EVERYTHING and let’s say: the merchants are for the most part true connoisseurs, real collectors; they tell you the story of their furniture, of their objects; they are a mine of knowledge that they share very willingly.
What happiness that a Flea Sunday starting with lunch before finding the piece we have dreamed of for years or simply strolling, discovering ...

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