Our advice and tasting tips

Quality water

For optimal aromas, opt for a slightly mineralized water or filtered. Heat the preferably in a kettle.

De-théinez his tea?

It is possible to lower the concentration of caffeine tea easily. For this, you simply throw the first water (the first infusion) and more than half the caffeine will be gone. It is for this reason that over the different infusions your tea, it can be drunk in the afternoon, without preventing you from sleeping!

1,2,3 .. or 4 passes. 

With the aromatic quality of the leaves, re-infuse your tea leaves up to 3 or 4 times!

Store in a dry and protected from light

To make the most of plants flavors, we prefer glass jars smoked anti-UV smoked glass jars. Please close the jars well and place them in a dry place away from light (or without direct light).

48 hours in the refrigerator

You can keep your sheets up to 48 hours in refrigerator.

The right temperature, dosage and the infusion good time

Respect the right temperature and brewing time for each type of tea in order to give expression to the tastes optimally. Water should never be placed on boiling the leaves. Black tea or infusion require a warmer temperature (95 °) than green or white teas. For convenience, all indications are recalled each of our jars.

Photo 1 Infusion Le comptoir d'Alex
Baromètre infusion Le comptoir d'Alex
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