Here is our famous recipe mojito without alcohol with green tea with mint! Made with our green tea with mint French, this recipe is easy and ideal summer to enjoy our green tea with mint refreshing way of evening or throughout the day. And it's so good!

Preparation time: 3 minutes for a carafe.


  • Green tea with mint GreenMa
  • Agave syrup and / or sugar
  • 1 or 2 lemon (s) green (s) bio
  • fresh mint leaves.

To prepare the eve:

  • Put 3 to 4 tablespoons of leaves our green mint tea bio GreenMa in a filter (paper).
  • If you want a sweet drink, you can pour a little agave syrup in carafe.
  • For 1 quart of warm water (no need to preheat) and incorporate green tea leaves of mint.
  • Add whole stems with leaves of fresh mint. 
  • Leave to infuse the drink overnight or minimum 3 hours (depending on your taste).

To realize just before serving

  • Crush the lime wedges using a pestle.
  • Add to your liking crushed ice, lemon wedges, fresh mint and if necessary a tablespoon of brown sugar. It's ready!
Mojito recipe

Good tasting !

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